48 schools in Bengaluru get bomb threat emails; Minister reveals email id

On Friday morning, Bengaluru witnessed widespread panic after 48 private schools received a bomb threat via email. As the school administration notified the police, parents rushed to their children’s schools. The authorities also sent bomb disposal squads to the schools to figure out the possibility of explosives inside the schools. As of now, the Karnataka city security apparatus has not found a bomb inside any school.

The schools’ students and teachers were evacuated. A senior police officer informed the news agency PTI that the bomb threat came from an email id. He stated that the search was nearly over and that no suspicious things had been found.

“Prime facie, it appears to be a hoax message. We are also in the process of registering a case in this regard and a thorough investigation is underway,” he said.

According to the email, bombs had been planted on school premises. According to another senior official, the police dispatched multiple teams to these schools and a search operation was performed after evacuating students and teachers.

Police commissioner B Dayananda stated it was not the first time such threats were issued.

Karnataka home minister G Parameshwara said the message came from an email id kharijites@beeble.com. The email said 15 schools had explosives on their premises.

“We will verify as to who is behind it and if there is the involvement of any terrorist organisation, and take measures accordingly. For now, it cannot be said who is behind it. The message in the email asks people to convert and other things, it will be verified,” he told reporters.

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