4G Internet to be restored across J&K after 18 months

High speed 4G internet services are being restored across Jammu and Kashmir more than 18 months after they were snapped to prevent a backlash against the centers’ move to revoke the former state’s special status.

Jammu and Kashmir became the world’s longest internet shutdown state in a democratic country, after experiencing 18 months of restriction. The restrictions took place on August 5, 2019.

Supreme Court told off the government that restrictions on internet and slow mobile data can curb free speech and democratic rights. Mobile internet services were throttled to stop the spread of misinformation and terrorists from abusing network. However J&K saw massive loss in jobs thus negatively affecting the economy.

Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah welcomed the move to restore 4G services, tweeting, “4G Mubarak! For the first time since Aug 2019 all of J&K will have 4G mobile data. Better late than never.”

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