The Graco Magnum X7 Cart is our top pick because it is a latex paint sprayer that performs well in all areas. This airless paint sprayer has fully adjustable pressure, allowing you to control the flow of your paint. Because the stainless steel piston pump allows you to spray unthinned paint at high pressure, there is no need to thin paint before using this product. This is a very convenient option because of these features. Another example is that you can connect the adapter to your garden hose, making cleaning much faster and easier!

Another Graco product is a close second. It is the Graco Magnum X5 Stand, which also functions as an airless paint sprayer. You can relax knowing that you have a high level of control whether you’re working indoors or outdoors. This is provided by the adjustable pressure, which is ideal for a variety of different projects. Because you’ll most likely be transporting this latex paint sprayer from one location to another, it’s important to know that it’s built to last. Because it is made of metal, it should be able to withstand the occasional bump or scrape without issue.

Don’t worry if the aforementioned airless paint sprayers are out of your price range. The Wagner Control Spray Max is an HVLP paint sprayer that we believe is the best latex paint sprayer for the money. It has a variable control trigger that allows you to have a spray pattern ranging from 1-inch to 10-inches, depending on the project you’re working on. With three different spray pattern options and variable air pressure control, you have plenty of options for how you want to approach a specific task. The Wagner Control Spray Max excels in this area.

We’re impressed with the Flexio 590’s power for the price. It has 9 speeds and a power dial that gives you a lot of control over your paint spraying. The product comes with two different nozzles and cups, which are useful for a variety of paint spraying projects. Because of its ease of use, this latex paint sprayer is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This is especially true when you consider the weight, which is only 2.1 lbs. As a result, it’s easy to move around and hold for extended periods of time. This means you won’t have to stop because you’re uncomfortable.

Another low-cost option, the HomeRight Finish Max is a latex paint sprayer that provides excellent value. Because this HVLP paint sprayer is self-contained, there are no air compressors or hoses to deal with, making things much easier. While it cannot perform heavy-duty paint spraying tasks, it is more than capable of performing well on small projects such as furniture and crafts. Because it is made of plastic, it must be handled with care if you want to use it for a long time. The brass spray needle, on the other hand, is at least long-lasting.

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