5 Things that every car owner needs to know


Cars have become an essential commodity in people’s everyday life. Earlier considered luxury, mass-production of cars has now made it accessible to common people. It is now one of the most preferred vehicles which helps in easy commute and covers larger distances increasing connectivity.

Since cars offer great convenience as a regular mode of transport, the inclination to buy cars has increased significantly with time. Cars are now an indispensable part of modern life.

Investing in a car is a big and important decision. So, here’s a quick guide of essential points to help car owners and those willing to buy a car have the best experience.

5 Essentials for Every Car Owner

Check out these factors before splurging on a car:

1.    The vehicle owner’s manual

Car owners’ manuals are the best possible way to understand the needs of your car. These contain information about the basic operating instructions of the car, vehicle maintenance, warranty and others.

In some instances, the car manual plays a crucial role in helping the owner troubleshoot roadside emergencies. Usually, car wonders keep it in the glove compartment.

2.    Spare tire and jack system

A flat tire is one of the most common issues car owners face on a day to day basis. You need to have a spare tyre in your car to save a lot of time. Tools like a jack and lug wrench also come handy while changing a flat tire.

3.    Windshield wiper fluid

The windshield wiper fluid is a valuable item to keep in cars. It especially helps when driving in cold or foggy weather where low visibility is a prevalent problem. To prevent mishaps, you should use a good quality windshield wiper fluid and keep your visibility clear.

4.    Jumper cables

Jumper cables are used to charge one battery through another. When your car’s battery weakens or functions feebly during winters, car owners can use jumper cables to restart their car without much hassle.

To use your jumper cables, you just need a charged battery to which you can easily connect your dead battery with two clips and ignite your battery to kickstart your car. This way, you can revive the dead battery to ‘life’ again.

5.    First-aid box and insurance

The first-aid box is a highly recommended tool for car owners.
Accidents can happen anytime. In such situations, a first-aid box becomes a real lifesaver. It must have basic medicines and bandages. With an essential recovery kit at hand, you can significantly reduce the impact of accidents.

Furthermore, car owners must also have a secure car insurance plan in place. This ensures you financial assistance in the case of accidents and thefts. For instance, HDFC car insurance provides a wide range of benefits and extensive coverage. Hence, car owners can opt for this.


While the purchase and sale of cars have been on the rise, many car owners are unaware of certain crucial aspects of their automobiles. Several components make cars better and more efficient, starting from a car owner’s manual to a first-aid box. In addition, other items of importance to be kept in your car include USB cables, maps, tool kits, all documents related to the car, and so on. Overall, owning a car can be quite a pleasant experience if you have all essential items required for a safe journey.

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