5 Tips to keep in mind when looking for flats for women

Flats are a great way to relax your feet after a long day of weariness with heels and shoes. All the aches and suffocation that your feet suffer from other footwear vanish after wearing flats. But finding the perfect pair of flats for women is a task in itself. There are several things to keep in mind to ensure wearing these flats doesn’t start having their problems. Here are five main things to consider while purchasing flats for women.

Material Of The Sole And Straps

As you don’t usually wear socks or stockings with flats, you should ensure that the material is skin-friendly. And even if it is, you should try them on before purchasing. Sometimes the manufacturing of the flats can cause problems like tighter straps on faulty inner materials. These can lead to blisters or chaffing of the skin. The sole can also be troublesome if it is of a harder material. Constant standing on the hard surface can cause heel aches and pain. So to avoid these problems, ensure that your sole and straps are good enough for regular usage.

The Durability Of The Flats

Flats are, as the name suggests, flat-soled footwear. So the entire sole is always in contact with the floor. This increases the chances of wear and tear of the sole, which is not generally seen in high heels. So while choosing flats for women, make sure the flats are durable enough to withstand such hard conditions.

The Consequence Of Open And Closed Toes

There are different advantages and disadvantages of wearing flats with open and closed toes. So it will be good to identify which type of toes suits you better based on your feet type and comfort preference. Open toes usually have a Y-shaped strap that goes between your thumb toe and other toes. They help hold the flats to your feet. But constant usage can cause blisters in the region in contact with the Y-shaped strap. And if you prefer wearing closed-toe flats, they don’t have such straps to hold your feet. You just need to slide in your feet. But this easiness of wearing also applies to removing. The closed-toe flats always have a common complaint from users: they slide off from their feet easily, often while walking or making leg movements.

Choose Flat Platform Heels To Combine The Benefits Of Flat Sandals And High Heels

If you are too much habituated with wearing heels that flats change your height perceptions, then you should try flat platform heels. These are platform heels but with a flat top and bottom surfaces. And as the sole is horizontal to the floor surface, you will enjoy the same comfort of flats but with comparatively higher soles.

Suitability Of Flats On Different Surfaces

Flats are more helpful in allowing you to walk more distance than pumps and other heels. But flats for women have their drawbacks as well. Common negative reviews include excessive slipperiness in the rainy season, no friction on smooth floors, and noises due to sharp clapping with the feet while walking. So it will be good to know the purpose of purchasing these flats for women.

These tips will help you choose the perfect fitting and most comfortable pair of flats for women. So next time you plan to purchase flats for your or your closed ones, use these tips to find the best one for the wearer. You can also look at the huge stock of flats with online e-commerce giants like Snapdeal. Not only do they have a high number of flats but they also provide great discounts and other festive offers. Use these offers from Snapdeal today itself to your benefit to get the maximum discount on top-branded flats.

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