6 ways to prepare a dissertation for British University

Writing a dissertation is a big life decision. However, it can be extremely challenging. So why do people take on this challenge?

First and foremost, they want to present their research to people and contribute to society with their discoveries. Secondly, working on a dissertation is one of the best ways to deepen knowledge in a certain subject. Besides, dissertation writing improves analytical and cognitive abilities, which is extremely important for people working in the academic field.

As you see, writing a dissertation can be very beneficial. But what to do if this task is too complicated for you and you need help? Read the answer below.

Help with dissertation writing

Dissertation writing is a huge project that requires a lot of time and energy. And naturally, you may need help at some point. Luckily, there are a lot of services helping students nowadays. Even if you want to buy dissertation, you can easily do it online. Just go to a special website, pick an academic writer and set requirements for your dissertation. You can be sure that you will get your academic work done due to the deadline date and it will meet your expectations.

Preparing a dissertation

There are many different approaches to writing a dissertation. But no matter which one you choose, you should follow some steps. Let’s consider them below!

1. Define a dissertation

Before you start writing a dissertation itself, you must clearly understand its definition. Simply put, a dissertation is a formal piece of research that meets certain academic standards. So dissertation is not about your opinion. Your goal is not to convince someone of your position but to find answers to some scientific questions. You must realize that your task is to leave your preconceived ideas at the door and start objective research.

2. Pick a topic

A topic you choose for your dissertation must be valuable for society. You should find a theme that answers acute questions and makes an important contribution to a certain industry or society in general. Only this way you can write a winning dissertation. If you want to earn a good reputation, you can’t research something just to satisfy your own curiosity. What’s more, the theme you research must be unique, meaning that nobody has highlighted it before.

3. Make a research proposal

Once you’ve chosen a high-quality topic, convince your British university to let you research it. No matter how great you think your idea is, it must be approved by your institution before you can move forward with it. That’s why you have to create a research proposal that aims to persuade the committee that your research is worthy of doing. Don’t forget to add to your proposal a plan for collecting and analyzing data.

4. Design your strategy

The technicalities of methodology may seem boring to you but it’s a necessary stage of writing your dissertation. Before you get to writing itself, design your research strategy and craft a methodology chapter that explains the “how” of your future research. Think carefully about your research philosophy (for example, positivism or interpretivism), data collection strategy (e.g. interviews, surveys or focus groups) and data analysis strategy (e.g. content or correlation analysis).

5. Collect and analyze data

Once you are done with your research design, you can put everything you’ve planned into action. Start collecting your data by organizing interviews, publishing online surveys or using other methods. Usually, data collection takes a lot of time, especially if you have in-person interviews, so prepare your schedule accordingly. After that you can move to the data analysis stage. There are different types of data analysis techniques. They can be qualitative, quantitative and mixed. So pick those that fit you best.

6. Present your results

After the analysis stage, you can finally present your findings. In a dissertation, they are usually presented in two chapters. The first one just provides processed data in a neat and  clear way without any interpretation. The second one, the so-called discussions chapter, explains what the data are telling. In other words, it gives your own interpretation of the results. Depending on the British university you are studying at, these two chapters can be merged into one. So before finishing your dissertation, check with your institution requirements.

Final thoughts

To complete a dissertation, you need to be extremely motivated. However, high motivation is not enough to get this job done. You must also follow some steps mentioned above. Hopefully, this article will help you to write a great work that will bring you visibility in academic circles.

Author’s Bio:

Jeremy Raynolds is an academic writer, private tutor and blogger. He helps students achieve their ambitious goals and be more efficient at school. Jeremy shares a lot of useful tips and recommendations for students and scholars in his own web blog.

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