A Good Person: Ending Explained


A Good Person, written and produced by Zach Braff, has an optimistic conclusion despite a lot of gloom and uphill struggles for many of the characters. The movie centres on Florence Pugh’s Allison, who is living the life of her dreams when a devastating automobile accident upends everything and her whole world. Throughout the course of the epidemic, Braff authored A Good Person; production started in late 2021. Critics had conflicting feelings about Braff’s movie before it was released.

The events in A Good Person mostly take place over the course of one year. Allie is working as a coat check lady at a tiny bar where she also performs her songs after completing rehab. Even though they are still not dating, she is doing well and has reestablished touch with Nathan. But, when Allie learns that Daniel (Morgan Freeman) has gone away, her world once more collides with that of Nathan’s family. While at the burial with her mother (Molly Shannon), Allie reads Daniel’s last letter to her, requesting her to watch over Ryan and Nathan while he has returned home to take care of his niece until she departs for college.

Daniel most likely saw a small part of himself in Allie and understood what it meant to descend into addiction and lose those who mattered to him as a result. In the midst of something so horrific and devastating, he was also attempting to be kind and forgiving. Daniel, who was still processing his loss, wanted to resent Allie but yet felt sympathy for her plight. It’s probable that Daniel believed Nathan would forgive him for being an abusive parent if he helped Allie and forgave her. Daniel and Allie had a lot in common, and he eventually realised that she needed the help that nobody else was offering her.

Due to her overwhelming sadness and presumably feeling that she didn’t deserve Nathan’s pity or happiness given her role in giving his family anguish, Allie called off their engagement. Despite Nathan’s continued desire to be with her, Allie rejected him since she was too preoccupied with her own emotions at the moment. It’s conceivable that Allie was trying to punish herself inadvertently since she was in so much emotional and bodily anguish when she pushed Nathan away. Allie was also attempting to shield herself from possible more suffering. She was unaware of Nathan’s sorrow and other emotions at that time.

Daniel experienced a life-out-of-control feeling for the first time in a very long time. He was overwhelmed by the responsibility of parenting his granddaughter Ryan by alone, and he saw Allie frequently, which probably made him remember that his daughter may still be alive if it weren’t for her. Also, Daniel was afraid of losing Ryan, something he wouldn’t have been able to emotionally handle. At the end, Daniel was feeling exhausted from trying to support Allie through everything, trying to help Ryan go ahead, and being turned down for assistance by Nathan due to their shared history. Daniel turned to alcohol because he believed it was the only thing he could rely on to get through that particular situation.

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