A military plane carrying 85 soldiers crashes in Philippines

On Sunday, a Philippine military plane with around 85 passengers crashed in the southern part of the country. The numbers were reported by the chief of the armed forces.

Reportedly, a search and rescue mission has already commenced in the area to save the individuals on the plane. Reuters reported quoting armed forces chief Cirilito Sobejana that around 40 people were rescued and are under treatment.  The New York Times quoted an official who informed that 17 people died and the death toll may rise.

Sobejana informed that the responders are at the spot now, and are trying to save more lives. The C-130 crashed in Southern Philippines as it tried to land on Jolo Island in Sulu province, according to General Cirilito Sobejana.

As per reports, most of the passengers who were on the plane were recent graduates of basic military training. They were being transported for deployment to the Island as a part of a joint task force fighting terrorism in the Muslim majority region.

Sobejana further expressed to the reporters that the incident is very unfortunate. The plane missed the runway and it was trying to regain power but failed and crashed, Sobejana added.

Reuters cited that a picture published by ABS-CBN News on twitter exhibited that smokes and flames are pouring from the broken fuselage.

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