Adar Poonawalla confident on getting approval for Covishield from EMA

Serum Institute of India, CEO Adar Poonawalla affirmed on Wednesday that he is confident of getting an approval for Covishield from the European Medicine Agency (EMA) within a month. He further claimed that the issue of vaccine passport should be on the basis of reciprocity between the countries.  Earlier as reported, S Jaishankar confirmed that he have put forward the issue regarding inclusion of Covishield for EU vaccine passport.

At India Global Forum 2021, Adar Poonawalla expressed, “The EMA is absolutely correct in asking us to apply, which we have through AstraZeneca, our partners, a month ago, and the process has to take its time. An approval process even with UK MHRA, WHO took its time and we have applied to the EMA.”

Poonawalla further stated that they are quite confident that in a month EMA will approve Covishield . He explained that the vaccine is identical to AstraZeneca and has been approved by WHO, UK MHRA as a result there is no ground to deny approval to the vaccine. However, he asserted that the reason behind denying the vaccine’s approval initially is not addressed yet. As per reports, the EMA also assured that if they receive any approval request they will examine the issue.

Regarding the issue of vaccine passports, he said, “The issue with vaccine passport is slightly different. What I am trying to say is that to let us take a manufacturer out of India. Let us say they have been approved by WHO and everyone in that country gets vaccinated taking that product and now when those citizen need to travel, what good is there vaccine certificate if it is not acknowledged and reciprocity is not there between the countries.”

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