Aditya Narayan snatches fan’s phone, throws it in crowd during a concert; Watch the viral video

Aditya Narayan has drawn criticism for hitting a fan and throwing his phone away during a concert. Aditya hosted a concert at a college in Chhattisgarh over the weekend, which was attended by many music lovers. In a viral video, the singer was seen playing “Aaj Ki Raat” from Shah Rukh Khan’s Don when he lost his temper over a fan. Aditya looked to be singing the song when he noticed a fan recording his performance.

It’s unclear what angered Aditya, but it seemed like he hit the fan with his mic. Before he could finish his performance, he snatched the fan’s phone and threw it into the crowd. The video showed how shocked the fans were by his actions. Even many on social media expressed anger at his reaction.

A social media user said on X, “What’s wrong with Aditya Narayan?” So arrogant, and for what? “Disrespectful to his own fans?” “His bravery is infuriating. Bro actually hit the guy’s hand with his microphone,” another commented.

Aditya had previously grabbed headlines in Chhattisgarh due to a controversy. The last time he was in the state, he got into a fight with the airport staff at Raipur Airport. In 2017, a video of his argument with airport employees went viral. “Teri chaddi nahi utari na, to mera naam Aditya Narayan nahi,” he said in the video.


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