After Elon Musk, Jay Z and Twitter’s Chief Jack Dorsey to invest in bitcoins

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk changed his Twitter bio to “#bitcoin” the share prices of the notorious crypto-currency increased to $38,500 and it’s prices on Friday touched new height of $48,930 after MasterCard & US Bank BNY Mellon made it easier for people to deal in crypto-currency.

And now Twitter Chief Jack Dorsey announced that he and Jay Z will be partnering together to create a fund which will be devoted for making bitcoin’s “the internet’s currency”. He said in a tweet that the duo will be giving 500 bitcoins for funding an independent endowment named “Btrust”.

The fund would focus on the development teams of bitcoin initially in India and Africa and it will be a blind irrevocable trust which would take 0 direction from Dorsey and rapper Jay Z. Previously, Tesla also announced its investment of $1.5 billion in Bitcoins and it’s plan of accepting payment in crypo-currency when buying it’s electric cars and paving the way for many others to accept the currency as the new “It” currency of the world.

Canada on Feb 12, also cleared the launch of the World’s first trade-exchange of bitcoin fund which would give retail investors a mass reach to the ever talked about and notoriously famous crypto-currency.

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