Agra Hospital sealed after video of owner admitting ‘mock drill killed 22’ went viral

Shri Paras Hospital in Agra was sealed by the district administration on Tuesday after a video went viral of the Owner claiming to shut down the oxygen of patients for five minutes to check the number critical patients.

In a video that went viral, the owner of the Shri Paras Hospital Agra, Dr. Arinjay Jain, was found describing a “mock drill” in which the oxygen supply was to shut down for five minutes, due to which 22 patients showed severe hypoxia symptoms and their hands and feet turned blue. Allegedly these 22 patients died later and their deaths had been covered up.

The district administration sealed the hospital and a case was registered against the hospital owner under the Epidemic Diseases Act for spreading misinformation.

The owner in the video said, “There is an acute shortage of oxygen, and we consulted the families of the patients for the mock drill.” The drill was to identify which patients were vulnerable to death, and within five minutes into the drill, 22 patients were found who turned blue and became critical.

The agenda of the drill was to see who all can live without support of oxygen and who couldn’t without the help of an oxygen support. In the video, the owner said, “22 patients turned blue and collapsed.”

“Conduct a mock drill to see who will die and who will not,” was said by the owner in the viral video.

Mr. Prabhu N Singh, the District Magistrate of Agra, denied of the allegations and said that there were only four deaths that took place in the hospital due to COVID-19 complications and there was ample supply of oxygen cylinders to the hospital, it’s on the record of the administration. He also mentioned that the video was of April 28, and ‘no deaths were reported’ due to shortage of oxygen during April 26 and 27. However, the matter is under inquiry and will remain sealed until the investigation has been completed.

The 55 who were admitted in that hospital had been shifted to another hospitals due to the seal. The owner of the hospital has been denying of all allegations, he said he was “misquoted” and no deaths occurred due to the oxygen crisis.

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