Ashoka Episode 5: Get to know the Spoilers

Spoilers for Ahsoka episode 5 can be found online if you know where to search. Which scenes from the programme haven’t yet happened can be determined by carefully examining the trailers. It is easy to set out a plan that seems to be correct for the show’s final episodes when you combine this with various statements made by people involved in the production as well as various rumours and reports.

Image Credit: TMC Assam

Here are list of Ashoka’s Spoilers:

1. Anakin Skywalker

It is anticipated that episode 5 would spend a significant amount of time focusing on Ahsoka and Anakin Skywalker’s friendship. Anakin from the Clone Wars is anticipated to appear in a flashback (source: Bespin Bulletin).

2. It is jested at General Admiral Thrawn

The appearance of General Admiral Thrawn is anticipated to be hinted to in the last moments of episode 5, and it is said that the character’s reappearance will take place in episode 6.

3. One of the final photos left from the show’s trailers teases Thrawn’s arrival.

Hera is also seen raising her weapon, possibly indicating that she may soon be in danger.

4. Scenes under the sea

Under the direction of Dave Filoni, underwater cinematographer Ian S. Takahashi is said to have contributed to episode 5. Ahsoka and/or other characters are hence likely to be investigating aquatic regions (Source: TheReturnoftheSiff on Reddit).

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