All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date: Does It Have a Release Date?

After the popularity of the first season, which featured violent zombie action, fans eagerly awaited the release of All of Us Are Dead Season 2. It makes logical that a second season was in strong demand given how popular the show was on Netflix.

When will All of Us Are Dead Season 2 be released?

Image Credit: Digital Spy

By the middle of 2024, All of Us Are Dead Season 2 may be available. Following the premiere of Season 1 in January 2022, Season 2 was formally renewed on June 6, 2022. The filming timetable, however, has not yet received an update. Production wasn’t expected to begin until shortly after the renewal; however, that hasn’t happened yet. The release date of season 2 could be mid-late 2024 if filming starts in the final two months of 2023. Otherwise, it may not happen until 2025.

Who Will Join the Cast of All of Us Are Dead Season 2?

The show’s star and one of its most outstanding actors is Park Jihu, who plays Nam Onjo. Yoon Chanyoung had played the character of her friend Lee Cheongsan without him. Choi Namra is also Cho Yihyun. Yoo Other actors include Jeon Baesoo, who plays the father of Nam Soju and Nam Onjo, and Lee Kyuhyung, who plays police station investigator Song Jaeik.

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