‘America’s Sweethearts: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ released its Official Announcement on Netflix

Here’s everything you need to know about “America’s Sweethearts: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders”.


In American athletics, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are possibly the most well-known cheerleading squad. They are regulars at major events and have their own fan base in addition to the Cowboys.The show starts with the tryouts and follows the legendary cheer squad through the conclusion of Dallas’s NFL season in 2023–24.

Greg Whiteley, an Emmy Award-winning director, and the crew behind Cheer and Last Chance U are behind the seven-episode series. Behind the scenes looks at the “drive, hustle and drama among the cheerleaders and coaches,” including Kelli Finglass, the longstanding cheer director for the Cowboys, will be provided by Netflix. After cheering from 1984 to 1988, Finglass, now 59, became the squad’s director in 1991.

Checkout The Official Announcement Video

Know the Makers

The producers of “America’s Sweethearts: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” on Netflix are Boardwalk Pictures and One Potato Productions. Additionally, Campfire Studios is involved in the project.Moreover, executive producers Andrew Fried and Dane Lillegard of Boardwalk Pictures, Ross M. Dinerstein and Rebecca Evans of Campfire Studios, and Greg Whiteley and Adam Leibowitz of One Potato Productions produce it as part of an All-Pro calibre production crew.Greg Whiteley has a strong production background and is substantially involved with the project. He has two IDA awards and has won four Emmy Awards.New York Doll, Resolved, Mitt, Most Likely to Succeed, Last Chance U, Last Chance U: Basketball, and Wrestlers are just a few of the films in Whiteley’s reel.

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