Amino Acid-Rich Foods

Because many foods contain amino acids, it is usually simple to meet your daily requirement. The recommended daily intake for each amino acid, however, varies.
Most foods containing animal protein will provide all of the essential amino acids you require, and many plant-based protein foods can also be excellent sources of amino acids.

These five foods are among the best sources of dietary amino acids:

Quinoa is one of the most nutrient-dense grains on the market today. It contains all nine essential amino acids that your body requires from food, in addition to being a good source of fibre. It also contains more lysine than wheat or rice, making it a more complete source of these amino acids than other grains.

Eggs are a great source of protein because they contain all of the essential amino acids. According to research, the amino acids found in eggs are better absorbed by your body than those found in casein or soy.

Turkey contains a lot of tryptophan, an amino acid that the body uses to make niacin, a B vitamin that is essential for digestion, healthy skin, and nerves. Tryptophan also aids in the production of serotonin, which influences mood and can contribute to feelings of happiness and relaxation. Other meats are good sources of amino acids because they are all high in protein.

Cottage cheese
One 100-gram serving of cottage cheese contains approximately 25% of your daily value of protein and significant amounts of several amino acids, including threonine and tryptophan.

Mushrooms contain 17 amino acids in total, including all of the essential ones. According to one study, adding mushrooms to a cereal diet can help with lysine deficiency.

The majority of fish species contain essential amino acids as well as other important micronutrients. Salmon is high in amino acids and Omega 3 fatty acids (important fatty acids that support heart and other health).

Beans and legumes
Legumes are an excellent source of high-quality protein, with 20 to 45 percent of their protein containing the amino acid lysine. Peas and beans have 17-20% high-quality protein, while lupins and soybeans have 38-45 percent.

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