Anonymous Hacker attacks Elon Musk for his ‘arrogant power over cryptocurrency’

The Anonymous Hacker group is a famous and notorious group known for having earlier targeted several governments, institutions and corporations.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has reportedly been targeted by the Anonymous Hacker group, a famous and notorious group known for having earlier attacked several governments, institutions and corporations. In their latest video, the hacking group has targeted Musk for his power over the cryptocurrency markets.

The Anonymous group has accused Elon Musk of using his power over cryptocurrency markets in a very arrogant manner. The group makes a special mention of the world’s largest cryptocurrency- Bitcoin, in this regard. The allegation comes in the backdrop of Bitcoin prices falling sharply over the past few weeks. Among other factors, Elon Musk’s criticism of cryptocurrencies is also being blamed for the fall in Bitcoin’s value.

Anonymous said that the Tesla founder suffers from a ‘superiority complex’, criticizing him for once calling himself the ‘Emperor of Mars’. The group warned that his crypto trolling is causing damage to the working-class people invested in cryptocurrencies.

The Anonymous Hacking group further said that even though Musk shows himself as being concerned about Bitcoin’s impact on the environment, in reality, he doesn’t practice what he preaches within his electric cars company Tesla itself. They went on to make many accusations against Tesla for its “practices at large.”

Anonymous concluded the video message by labelling Elon Musk as “not a friend to the common man.”

The American entrepreneur is also being criticized by crypto investors for his decision to stop taking payments through Bitcoin for his company Tesla due to environmental concerns.

Musk further antagonized them after tweeting on Saturday that cryptocurrencies are not a part of the real economy.

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