Anonymouse unmasked on ‘Masked Singer’ season 10 kick-off

The Masked Singer is back and it all began with a mouse. That would be Anonymouse. A special kick-off episode of the mystery singing competition show premiered Sunday night (Sept. 10) ahead of the season 10 official premiere on Sept. 27.

The highlight of The Masked Singer kick-off was a special mystery guest Anonymouse who sang great vocals on a cover of Heart’s 1985 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 song, “What About Love?” while dressed as a rock star rodent.

Anonymouse, dressed in a lovely red dress, a leather jacket and a bow tied around her ears, took hold of the stage and impressed the panelists with her performance of the song.

Anonymouse was introduced after her performance, saying she began working at a young age and made her big break as a singer, but “struggled with demons on the inside.” There were pictures of Nick Jonas and the state of Texas shown. When asked for a “clue to nibble on,” she said, “Well, just like Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Angelina Jolie, I’m on one special list: Time‘s 100.”

Another hint? “This is a literal, concrete clue,” Anonymouse pointed out. “My acting career has cemented me as one talented mouse.”

Anonymouse’s mask was removed, revealing (spoiler warning!)… Demi Lovato, former Disney star and current pop star, flashed a wide smile as everybody in the room shrieked and cheered her on. “This has been so much fun,” she said.

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