Are Chelsea and Kwame still together? Find out!

There is at least one dramatic love triangle in each season of Love Is Blind. Kwame and Chelsea are the pair that must battle temptation from other pod members in season four of Love Is Blind. The 31-year-old paediatric speech language pathologist and the 33-year-old sales development manager rapidly click in the pods, but Kwame is also drawn to Micah, a 27-year-old marketing manager. Once they leave the pods for their holiday in Mexico, Kwame’s friendship with Micah has an impact on his relationship with Chelsea, and it appears that the love triangle will last for the remainder of the season. Continue reading to learn more about Kwame and Chelsea, as well as any indications as to whether they are still dating.

When Chelsea and Kwame first meet in the pods, they get along right away. The outgoing dog mom and ex-soccer player have little trouble getting along. Kwame and Micah seemed to have a closer bond, and at one point he even expressed his desire to propose to her before the traditional time. Although initially Micah doesn’t want Kwame to develop other relationships, which causes some tension between her and Chelsea in the women’s housing, Micah ultimately chooses to go all in on Paul and ends their relationship. Kwame chooses to focus on Chelsea despite feeling upset by the split, and like Micah and Paul, they subsequently become engaged. They also have a fantastic reveal and seal the deal swiftly in Mexico.

Chelsea expresses to Kwame her disapproval of their seeming closeness to Micah in private. In response to her enquiry about his connection with Micah, Kwame acknowledges that he hasn’t found resolution. Chelsea is upset, but Kwame tells her that their romantic relationship is gone, and they come to an accord over the remaining portion of their vacation. As they leave Mexico and go to Seattle, they appear to be strong once more, but the teasers imply that Kwame and Micah’s relationship will be a source of friction in the future.


Are Chelsea and Kwame still together?

Chelsea and Kwame are maintaining a mystery on their Instagram feeds, just like the other couples. (Netflix is quite experienced at preventing the actors from sharing spoilers.) Chelsea and Kwame don’t follow one other as of the debut, although they do follow some of the other cast members (including Kwame following Micah and Paul). The fact that Chelsea and Kwame were spotted out with Zack and Paul earlier this month gave Entertainment Tonight a hint that things between the two are at least cordial.

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