Are Micah and Paul Still Together? Find Out!


Guessing which couples will make it to the altar and whether they will say “I do” or “I don’t” is half the pleasure of the television show Love Is Blind. The fourth season of Love Is Blind premiered last Friday with a five-episode release, and as of right now, Micah Lussier and Paul Peden are one of those couples whose future is still in doubt. Throughout their time in the pods and on their holiday in Mexico, the relationship between the 27-year-old marketing manager and the 29-year-old environmental scientist encounters a number of obstacles, but there is still a possibility that they will succeed. Continue reading to learn all we know about Paul and Micah’s relationship status.

Throughout the course of their stay in the pods, Paul and Micah experience what Micah would refer to as a “slow burn.” At first, both of them are also attracted to other individuals, with Micah attempting a relationship with sales development manager Kwame and Paul attempting the same endeavour with fight attendant Amber. Paul and Micah experience a number of tender moments in the pods, including Micah’s revelation that Paul shares her father’s name and their mutual love of Italy, where Paul jokes that they will spend their honeymoon in Positano.

To me, this combination makes pasta nirvana! Paul retorts that they are “actually on the same page” and that he is “so drawn to it” when Micah also mentions how she likes to romanticise her life.

Micah and Paul eventually made the decision to prioritise their relationship, which resulted in some difficult times when they ended their other dates and some awful nasty girl interactions with the other female cast members in the women’s housing. As Paul and Micah committed to one another, they got engaged and appeared to click when they first met in person.


Are Micah and Paul still together?

The couple’s present status is unknown, and there are little indications of it. First, on Instagram, Micah and Paul are mutual followers and frequently like each other’s most recent pictures. The implication is that they at least got along after the concert. Between November 2021 and March 2023, Paul didn’t post anything to their respective pages, however Micah shared a number of (beautiful) photos from his solo travels.

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