Are Miles Morales and Peter Parker related?


The new film is one of the finest Spider-Man movies ever produced (maybe even the best), as we say in our Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse review, as it sets up a very amazing conclusion to the trilogy. It features Miles Morales in the starring role, with characters from various Spider-Verse movies supporting him, including Gwen Stacey and Peter Parker.

But it might be difficult to determine exactly how these Marvel characters are related with all the multiverse hijinks going on. Even the finest films leave us with unanswered queries. Are Peter Parker and Miles Morales related, then?


Is Miles Morales related to Peter Parker?

Peter Parker and Miles Morales are unrelated. They have a strong friendship in Spider-Verse, although while sharing an older/younger brother dynamic, they aren’t related at all because they originate from different multiverses.

Even though they live in the same reality, Miles Morales and Peter Parker aren’t connected in comic books and other media. The two do, however, mainly possess the same abilities, and frequently even have similar plotlines.



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