Are Transformers and G.I. Joe in the same universe?


Warning: Rise of the Beasts spoilers coming. It appears that some fascinating links between some of our favourite movie franchises are developing in the wake of the series’ most recent feature, Rise of the Beasts.

If you enjoy seeing robots in disguise, you’re in for a treat now that the Transformers Rise of the Beasts release date has passed and the new film is ready to view in theatres. It features the introduction of the Maximals, Unicron’s comeback following his debut in the 1986 Transformers film (in our humble opinion, the greatest film in the Transformers series), as well as several tantalising setups for upcoming episodes.

One of them refers to G.I. Joe, another legendary action series. Your childhood fantasies may have just been realised thanks to Rise of the Beasts, which has combined two legendary toy lines. Are G.I. Joe and the Transformers set in the same universe?


Are Transformers and G.I. Joe in a shared universe?

Rise of the Beasts’ mid-credits scenes makes it clear that G.I. Joe and the Transformers coexist in the same common reality. It depicts Noah meeting a guy who invites him to join the covert government agency, which up until this point, we were unaware even existed in the Transformers universe.

Hasbro, the firm that produced the Transformers toys, also controlled the G.I. Joe toy line, thus this new association between the two has a lengthy history. A pair of more modern films, as well as an animated series, were inspired by the G.I. Joe toys.

Although these films weren’t particularly good, we may anticipate seeing G.I. Joe on the big screen once more because to the new connection with Transformers.

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