Arvind Kejriwal questions the Centre Government to why it halted the revolutionary Ration Scheme.

Arvind Kejriwal also disputed the centre government’s claim to his government not seeking permission for the implementation of the Ration scheme.

On Sunday in New Delhi, a day after Delhi’s Arvind Kejriwal government claimed that the central government blocked it’s plan to launch doorstep delivery of ration, Delhi chief minister accused the centre of taking this step under the “influence” of the ration mafia, as reported by NDTV.

The central government stopped the ‘Doorstep Delivery of Ration Scheme’ just two days prior to implementation. “If food and clothes can be delivered at home, then why can’t ration be delivered at their doorstep?” Mr. Kejriwal asked.

He went on to say, “Why are you siding with the ration mafia, when the High court had no problem approving of the scheme then why suddenly outside of the court you have stopped the working of the scheme just before it was about to start?”

Delhi CM continues to question why the central government sympathizes with the ration shopkeepers, “When the High court didn’t apply stay on implementation of the scheme then how could they do so.” “If you stand with the ration mafia then who will stand with the 70 lakh poor people of our country whose ration these mafia steal?”

“There are a lot of people who fear going out to buy Ration from shops, and it is said that the third wave will affect the children and can be spread over to them by the people who go out and buy from the shops for their house, if we are working towards preventing the spread of COVID-19 cases then what is the problem Sir (PM Modi Ji),” asks the Delhi chief minister.

He also mentions to make this scheme nationwide as to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst the families through its family members who are buying ration from these said shops and claims these shops to be “super-spreaders” of the virus.

The Delhi government had initially planned to roll out the scheme in March and worked over the proposals last July as to complete one of the promises made by Aam Aadmi Party.


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