As The Crow Flies: Season 3 – About, plot, cast, trailer and release date

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Netflix revealed that As The Crow Files had been given a final season renewal last year. The official trailer and the release date have been disclosed by the streaming behemoth. In 2021, the Turkish original drama made its premiere. The narrative centres on Asli Tuna, a devoted follower of renowned news anchor Lale Kiran, who recently had the opportunity to meet her. However, things take a turn for the worst when she discovers that Lale is not genuinely kind, attentive, and professional in person. Instead, what surprised her is how intricate she is.



The central themes of As The Crow Flies revolve around Asli and Lale’s ongoing rivalry and challenges. Their career, emotional, and physical well-being are all greatly impacted by this. But in the process of fighting for her fortunes, Asli discovers that karma is a terrible force that has the power to destroy everyone. The previous season featured Lale’s retirement from the television network, and Asli was able to secure a job with the organisation as a new anchor. The peculiar thing is that those who enjoy watching Lale appear to be boycotting Asli. The resignation of Lale was not well received by the audience.

There is a last battle between Asli and Lale hinted at in the Season 3 teaser. Asli prepares to showcase her skills and usher in a new era for the broadcasting channel, Lale appears to be preparing a countermove. In face of intense animosity, Asli resolves to go to whatever lengths to ensure her coworkers are content. Viewers are teased throughout the whole one-minute, 38-second video by Asli and Lale’s goofy challenges, sinister schemes, and dirty games meant to destroy one other. Lastly, Asli’s statement, “Everyone wants to watch their own funeral, don’t they?” can be heard in the background.


Birce Akaley portrays Lale, while Miray Daner plays Asli. İbrahim Çelikkol plays the main part in the drama as well.

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Release Date

As The Crow Flies: Season 3 will release on April 11, only on Netflix.

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