As vaccinations increase people are choosing to quit instead of going back to the office

As the pandemic is on its way to an end with the development of vaccines and the vaccination drive being steadfast, many companies are looking to go back to pre-pandemic working conditions which now seem abnormal for those who have adopted working remotely from home.

However, the number of people that are eager to get back to the office for work there are equal number of people who would rather work from home. Though companies such as Ford Motors, Google, and Citigroup are assuring flexible working conditions, many people in high positions have openly spoken about the importance of being in the office and associated it with a higher amount of collaboration and company culture.

Many employees do not share the same ideas as in the preceding year it was witnessed that even under dire conditions, working remotely works just as well as working from an office. In addition to that, many of them have moved back to their hometowns and many shifted to a new place altogether.

A survey of 1,000 American adults showed that 39% of them would rather quit their current jobs rather than not work remotely. A generational difference was also noticed as 49% of people belonging to Gen Z were willing to quit rather than go back to the office.

However, not everyone has the flexibility of working remotely. The hundreds of thousands of people who work blue-collar jobs, doctors, essential commodity providers, and even the person that delivers your food need to be at work as they do not have the option of not showing up in person.

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