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Bhavya Rai

Bhavya is a former Student Editor. Bhavya is currently 18 years old and addresses herself as a passionate content writer because she feels connected to writing on a personal level. Bhavya is a trusted journalist at IndiaShorts.

Transformers Rise of the Beasts: What are Maximals?

The Autobots battle another extraterrestrial menace in the newest robot-driven film. The entire cosmos is on the line this time. However, even though characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee have been firmly in the forefront for a long, there are now robotic rhinos and apes roaming the streets in the most recent Transformers film. How […]

Transformers Rise of the Beasts: What is G.I. Joe?

Roll out, robots! There are several new Autobots and Humans in the most recent and largest Transformers movie. However, given that it leaves the door open for more Transformers films, the finale of Rise of the Beasts could have puzzled some fans. (And we’re still getting our bearings with the Maximals!) Fortunately, we’ve covered all […]

Transformers Rise of the Beasts: Ending Explained

Beginning with Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, the long summer of blockbuster entertainment begins. The latest entry, the eighth in a lengthy string of Michael Bay-written films, brings back our favourite Autobots. Transformers fans will be among the first to see one of this summer’s first brand-new films, which will include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and […]

Does Transformers: Rise of the Beasts have a post-credit scene?

Optimus Prime and the team are back for more robotic action in the seventh and most recent entry in Michael Bay’s Transformers movie series. The Autobots and humans Noah and Elena cooperate in the new film to recover a precious artefact that would enable them to travel home. It is not going to be a […]

Are Transformers and G.I. Joe in the same universe?

Warning: Rise of the Beasts spoilers coming. It appears that some fascinating links between some of our favourite movie franchises are developing in the wake of the series’ most recent feature, Rise of the Beasts. If you enjoy seeing robots in disguise, you’re in for a treat now that the Transformers Rise of the Beasts […]

The Boys cast: Who will be starring in the superhero thriller series?

Since the MCU’s debut, which permanently altered the cinematic landscape, the world has been infatuated with comic book movies. While MCU flicks provide pleasant, unoffensive family entertainment, streaming giant Prime Video has different plans for The Boys. The programme is quite violent, rife with obscenities, and probably not suitable for young children. The sci-fi series […]

Will Henry Cavill return for The Witcher season 3?

Here is all the information you want on whether Cavill will reprise his role as the Witcher and the reasons for his departure. The first full trailer for the Netflix series The Witcher has arrived as the third season’s premiere date approaches. In it, Geralt, played by Henry Cavill, fights creatures and slashes throats while […]

Will there be a Bloodhounds season 2?

Here is all the information you want on the newest Netflix production from South Korea. Netflix is an expert when it comes to great Korean TV shows, whether it’s with dystopian thriller series like Squid Game or reality shows that assess people’s fitness, like Physical 100. These renowned Netflix programmes are now joined by Bloodhounds. […]

Is The Flash streaming? How to watch the new DC movie

There are still a few DC Universe projects that need to be released before James Gunn assumes over. One of them, the time-traveling anomaly The Flash, is especially unusual. The release of The Flash is quickly approaching, giving Ezra Miller the lead role of the DC Universe’s quick-witted, quick-moving hero for the first time since […]