Babil Khan shares pictures to Instagram, recalling late father Irrfan Khan

Babil Khan, son of late actor Irrfan Khan, posted few unseen pictures of his family along with Irrfan Khan and wrote an emotional note.

Son of the late actor Irrfan Khan, Babil often takes his Instagram to express his love for his father. He has posted several old pictures of Irrfan and himself. Today, he posted few unseen photos of his family and Irrfan Khan and wrote an emotional note for them.

He captioned the post as , “Our family is one strange family. Worst was comparing to the “image” of perfect neighbours. You’re all weird families, and that is one of the most beautiful things about us humans. Our undeniable fear of having no clue on what to do but still pursuing, denying that fear instead.”

Further he wrote while explaining about each family member, “My family; a Thespis father not wanting to belong to this world, a perfectionist writer/warrior mother that fights with the same passion she loves, an ingenious brother that can find relatable patterns in economics to music, and me, a kid who loves to cry watching children/family animation films. In the chaos where I find myself lost, engrossed in doubt, feeling like a blob of cheese on the couch, I take a moment and look around, pay attention to people, instead of seeking it for a second.”

He expressed his love for the family and wrote, “You know? Our family, we couldn’t fill a glass of water without spilling, but sometimes all we need is a little backup, and there is no shame in asking for that from the people that love you the most, acknowledge their love. The most important part though, at the end of it all, is to take that chance to tell them that you love them back. Never take your chances for granted.”

Babil Khan is about to make his acting debut in a Netflix’s movie, Qala. Fans are excited to watch his debut performance.

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