‘Baby Reindeer’ Official Trailer released- Watch now

Here’s everything you need to know about “Baby Reindeer”.


A captivating teaser for Baby Reindeer, which explores the turbulent life of a failing comedian whose charity reappears as a sinister retribution, was recently released by Netflix. In the teaser, we see stand-up comic Donny Dunn, who meets an unusual woman, going through a difficult time in his life. When his stalker woman grows obsessed with him and follows him everywhere—from home to work to bars—his difficulties take a dramatic turn. What is the hidden agenda? Well, the mystique only grows with each scene and convoluted conversation. The way the clip combines strange humour with obsession and mystery makes it seem really exciting.

Richard Gadd, a writer who portrays a fictionalised version of himself, has a true narrative that is the basis for this compelling television series. The gripping story emphasises the negative aspects of trauma brought on by unwelcome attention and compulsive stalking.


In the show, Richard Gadd plays Donny Dunn, a barman and aspiring stand-up comedian. Jessica Gunning portrays Martha, a stalker. Tom Goodman-Hill portrays Darrien, a prominent TV writer and Donny’s mentor, and Nava Mau plays Teri, a therapist, in the supporting roles.

Know the Makers

Baby Reindeer is an award-winning play by Richard Gadd, based on a true story and starring Gadd in the title role. The seven intriguing episodes of the limited series will be available on Netflix starting next month.

Checkout the Trailer

Release Date

Baby Reindeer will release on 11 April 2024 on Netflix.

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