Below Deck Season 10: Captain Lee Returns with a New Cast Member

The new Below Deck season 10 trailer quotes Captain Lee, the Stud of the Sea, as saying, “New location, new boat, new crew, new everything.” With Bravo’s most-watched Caribbean yachting series, it’s time to set sail.

At BravoCon 2022, a preview of the upcoming season was given, and the attendees were thrilled. The 197-foot motor yacht St. David, the largest vessel in the competition, is once again being commanded by Captain Lee Rosbach. Although the trailer suggests that he’ll be in for some choppy waters, he’ll have two returning crew members and a plethora of new faces.

Here is everything we know about Below Deck’s tenth season.


Who is the Cast Member of Below Deck Season 10?

Captain Lee will go with Chief Stew Fraser Olender and Chef Rachel Hargrove to the Caribbean. Last season, they both appeared on the programme. Growing pains are inevitable when new members are added to a team because everyone else will be a stranger. Additionally, Captain Lee always has tickets on hand for rude people to return home.

We’ll watch Ross McHarg, the new bosun, to determine if he’s up to the task. Every new bosun used to have to endure a “trial by fire.” Being the new bosun on any boat may be challenging, but it can be especially challenging on a megayacht with a fresh crew of deckhands.

Captain Lee will have some stability in the cabin thanks to Olender serving as the chief stew and Hargrove managing things in the kitchen.


What Would We Expect From This Series?

The people whose job it is to fulfil aspirations aboard large boats are profiled in the documentary series Below Deck. The hard-working crew members must balance their various duties on board the ship with meeting the requirements (and demands) of the guests.

When you have to share space with the people you work with and there is nowhere else you can go for some space, it may be a pretty terrible scenario to be in.

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