Ben Stokes reacts to Australian newspaper mocking him over controversial Jonny Bairstow dismissal

The test match between England and Australia might have ended on the field on Sunday, but the battle that followed the match is still continued between the media outlets of two countries. Post Monday’s papers in the United Kingdom took a dig at the Australian team over the controversial Jonny Bairstow dismissal, the Aussie media hit back with a ‘crybaby’ tag for Ben Stokes and his team. The cricketer came across the viral picture of the front page of a newspaper and couldn’t resist from taking a hilarious swipe.

The West Australian posted a picture of Stokes in nappies, with the word ‘crybabies’ written in big letters across the picture. “Poms take whingeing to new level with ‘cheating’ drivel” read another line from the newspaper.

Reacting to the post, Stokes retweeted the picture and wrote, “That’s definitely not me, since when did I bowl with the new ball.”

The whole battle was erupted due to the controversial dismissal of Jonny Bairstow. Reacting to the same, Stokes has asserted that he wouldn’t want to win a game in such manner. But, he also admitted that whatever happened on the field was all according to the rules of the game.

Pat Cummins, Australian captain, stated that what Cavey did was exactly what he should have done. He added that Jonny had also been in the centre of such dismissals in the past.

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