Best Hungarian wines to enjoy

Hungarian wines are very well appreciated by the public who are aware of these types of wines.

These days there is a wide new range of Hungarian wines. As per sources, Wines from Hungary have won an award during the blind testing sessions and the credit goes to its pure ingredients.

Some of the best Wines which Hungary has are –

Archabbey Pannonhalma Sauvignon Blanc ( 6.95 Pounds )

Wine which is dominated by Green apple and Sauvignon Blanc, has grapes that are grown in two separate vineyards and thus results in high flavors of Passion fruit and Pineapple.
It contains 750 ml of alcohol ie.13.5%.

Heumann Rosé Cuvée Villány ( 9.50 Pounds )

Made mainly from 70 % Kekfrankos grapes and is fresh with bright strawberries and red fruit flavors. Produced and kept in a stainless steels for six weeks. The wine is perfect for the long summers.
The product has 750 ml of alcohol which means 13.5 % of the total count.

Zsirai Nagy-Somlói Olaszrizling ( 13.78 Pounds )

Kata Zsirai and Petra Zsirai have been running this winery in Tokaj since the year 2011. As per their method, selection of good variety of grapes and proper care is a perfect way of making a good wine. Fleshy with orchard and soft fruit flavor, makes this wine attractive. The wine has 750 ml as its alcohol content which makes up to 13%.

Tóth Ferenc Egri Kadarka Superior ( 22.49 Pounds )

Kadarka is a variety that is grown in the Bull’s Blood wines which has been flowing with red fruit, raspberry flavors and minerals. Kadarka is best when you consume it with non-veg dishes.
Alcohol content in this is 14% which is 750 ml.

Chateau Megyer Tokaji Dry Furmint ( 13.95 Pounds )

Furmint is an all-round grapes that is very much able to make dry, bright and strong white wines like this. This is rich in lemon and orange and thus an ideal for summers drinks. It is best known for its dessert serving.

750 ml ie.12% is the total alcohol content for Chateau Megyer Tokaji Dry Furmint.

Chateau Megyer Tokaji Cuvée F Late Harvest Furmint (19 Pounds)

The wine is golden in color and made from bunch of furmint grapes with high sweetness. It is a perfect type of wine to finish off a meal and thus recommended as a dessert serving.

11.5% is the alcohol which is almost 500 ml.

Bonsai Oregtőkék Kadarka Péter ida, Szekszárd 2017 ( 21.99 Pounds )

A former Hungarian winemaker named ‘ Peter Vida ‘ is doing a great job with wines that shows the environment changes of Szekszard wine region in Hungary. This Kadarka is rich in raspberry, red berries and is accompanied by spices and herbs.

The 100 year old Kadarka is slightly red in color which goes well with curries.

Total alcohol content is 750 ml which marks as 13%.

Esterhazy Etyeki Kuria Zweigelt Etyek 2017 ( 22.40 Pounds )

Founded in the year 1996 and is a new member of the Hungarian wine category.

The red wine contains dark fruit, dark berry flavor and some spices.

The wine is made from 14.5% alcohol which is 750 ml.





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