Big Brother 25: Jag Bains scripts history, becomes the first Indian origin Sikh to win the reality TV show

Jag Bains, a 25-year-old Washington entrepreneur and trucking company owner, created history by winning Big Brother 25. He defeated other competitors, Matt Klotz, a 27-year-old Deaflympics swimmer from Louisiana, and Bowie Jane Ball, a 46-year-old Australian DJ and barrister, towards the end of a difficult 100-day season.

“To be able to win this with integrity and loyalty the whole time is exactly what I wanted to do,” Bains said to host Julie Chen-Moonves at the end of the episode.

Bains is the first Sikh-American to not only compete in but also win, the US version of Big Brother. He is now the third straight Big Brother winner to create history in the United States. Xavier Prather was the first to win the game in 2021, becoming the first Black person to win the game. Taylor Hale, the first Black woman to win in 2022.

Bains won with a 5-2 vote, defeating Klotz in the final round. Bains, overwhelmed with emotion, described his victory as being “on top of the world.” He described his time in the Big Brother house as “the greatest experience of [his] life,” emphasizing the personal significance of his victory not just in the game but also as a milestone in his life and career.

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