Big Eyes Coin Hit $30 Million and Stacks Up By 12% – What Does the Year 2023 Hold For Cryptocurrency?

We are almost three months into the year, and Bitcoin has been performing well thus far. Bitcoin had a good start to the year in January, which resulted in a positive upwards trend of many cryptocurrencies. This beginning of the year also saw the value of Ethereum increase dramatically in January. The year 2022 was not kind to the cryptocurrency market, as some currencies experienced significant drops.

We witnessed the demise of two large crypto players during the 2022 crypto winter. Both Terra Luna and FTX are no longer on the market. The co-founder, Do Kwon, was charged with fraud. A similar incident happened with FTX when some disturbing facts about CEO Sam Bankman-Fried were disclosed, leading to his filing for bankruptcy.

We are almost three months into the year, and things are looking well for investors. Although we are aware that cryptocurrencies may be quite unpredictable, we will take a detailed look at two distinct altcoins that could be a good investment for the upcoming month of March.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Grab the Loot Whilst You Can

Big Eyes Coin has just entered stage 12 of its presale and is on the path to making $31 Million. Over the last year, Big Eyes have been able to reach a lot of milestones and created a lot of incentives for users to win BIG tokens. One of Big Eyes’ greatest accomplishments in the last six months was Big Eyes going live in Times Square, New York.

Despite the fact that Big Eyes’ 200% bonus code is about to expire, Big Eyes has given another amazing opportunity for its community members to buy extra tokens during the presale.

The Big Eyes Coin community will get loot boxes. A loot box is a mystery box that may be found in a variety of adventure-style video games. They appear at random when playing a game and may be used to unlock additional in-game items, weaponry, or clothing.

Three different treasure boxes will be available on February 21st. There are three different loot boxes to choose from, which all contain $BIG tokens, and a lucky member of the BIG community may win up to $100,000 in tokens.

For example, if a BIG community member wins, a 1,000 loot box may provide members with a chance to earn up to a 10,000% return. Similarly, if you buy a $100 loot box, you may possibly make a 5000% return. The beautiful thing about these loot boxes is that you will never lose since no matter whatever box you select, you will always get back what you invested.

Stacks (STX) Keeps Stacking

Stacks is a layer-1 blockchain solution for bringing smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) to Bitcoin (BTC). These smart contracts are introduced to Bitcoin without altering any of the characteristics that make it so strong, such as its security and stability.

Because these DApps are open and modular, developers can build on top of one another’s apps to give functionality that would be impossible to implement in a conventional app. Because Stacks uses Bitcoin as its foundation, everything that occurs on the network is resolved on the most extensively used and likely the most secure blockchain in operation, Bitcoin.

Because of its association with the much-hyped NFT ordinals on the Bitcoin network, Stacks has been one of the greatest performers in recent weeks. STX had risen by 160% on a weekly basis a few days ago, and it was expected to continue rising until it became a multi-billion dollar token. The previous 24 hours saw another 12% gain, pushing STX above $0.75.

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