Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan expresses how her father did injustice with her, says “Unhone mujhse zyada mere chaar bhaiyo ko pyaar diya”

In an Extra Masala snippet, Arshi is seen having a conversation with her friend Rakhi. Arshi talks that her father has done injustice to her and mentions, “Mere Abba ne mere chaar bhaiyo ko zyada pyaar kiya.” She further explains that as she was the only daughter and her father did not express as much love as her gave to her brothers.

Arshi then says that she left her home and came to Mumbai to make her career and now when she talks with her father, he is proud of her. She says that she has made him proud and is more successful than her brothers. Eijaz hears this and says, “You are an inspiration for other girls” and Rahul agrees with him.

Later, Arshi mentions that her father wanted to get her married at the age of 19 approximately but then she did a ‘Kaand’ and the marriage broke!