Bigg Boss 14: Devoleena Battacharjee’s shocking reaction on amount of food WASTED in the house

In an Extra Masala video, the contestants are seen discussing on food getting wasted. Devoleena asks, “Kyu khana bohot waste ho raha tha kya?” To which Nikki replies, “Bohot zyada! Kitni sari chapatis waste jati thi dustbin mein.” Rakhi adds in, “Chapati waste, Atta waste.’ Further Nikki says that some contestants used to make excess food, which they didn’t eat and next day the food was thrown away. 

Devoleena shares the story of the previous season, which she was a part of, that no roti was ever left to eat, and if it did they had it next morning with tea. She asks, “If 14-15 rotis are getting waste everyday, why don’t you’ll prepare the food accordingly?”

Finding a solution to the wastage of food, housemates decide that they will let Devoleena decide the amount of food to be cooked and rest everyone would help her.