Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya take a dig at Rakhi Sawant for saving Abhinav Shukla from nominations; The former tags her as ‘Lombdi’

In an Extra Masala snippet, Rahul and Rakhi are seen having a conversation on what made the latter save Abhinav Shukla from nominations. Rahul comes near Rakhi and says, “Aapne agar unintentionally kiya toh koi problem nahi hai, aur agar aapne intentionally kiya toh you are very smart.”

He repeats the same thing to Eijaz that he told to Rakhi. Rahul further says that she is not cunning if she has done this intentionally. Rakhi asks Rahul the meaning of cunning, to which Eijaz explains, ‘Lombdi’.

Rakhi being herself asks innocently what has she done, as all questions are raised on her. To which Rahul mentions, “Mein kaal Eijaz ka fan bangaya uska patience dekh kar”. Eijaz and Rahul laughs when they hear this statement, as yesterday Eijaz had made Rakhi understand the whole situation, and yet she is questioning on ‘what has she done?’