Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin takes a dig at Abhinav Shukla for acting like Kavita Kaushik, says ‘Uska jhutha kha liya hai kya kuch?’


In the Bigg Boss Extra Masala clip, Abhinav and Jasmin were seen making fun of Kavita.

Abhinav was taking a sunbath in the garden area when Jasmin came to pull his leg. She told him that he is enjoying his life in the house to the fullest, to which Abhinav mockingly said she wants him to be out of BB.

Jasmin without giving a thought to it said, “Tum Kavita jesi baat kyu kar rahe ho? Uska jhootha kha liya hai kya kuch?” (why are you behaving like Kavita Kaushik? )

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