Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli opens up about her ‘Expectations’ from Rahul Vaidya; Says, ‘When I got hurt he never came and talked to me’

In an Extra Masala video Nikki tells Rubina that she has been thinking about Rahul, who didn’t stand by her. She adds, “On 31st night I was upset with him and went away not even once he stopped me, and a person who throws food, he would go and talk to them!”

To which Rubina ask, “Why are you expecting?” Nikki replies, “Expectation nai but mai soochti hu, when I got hurt, he never came and talked to me. His fear is in my anger, i’ll go and burst out things that he shared with me.”

Rubina says, “Aisa nai hota, chit bhi meri, patt bhi meri, dosti bhi tum mujse karo, terms and conditions bhi meri.”Nikki adds on, “He doesn’t find intrest in Sonali’s conversation and makes faces.” To which Rubina agrees saying, “I have watched when ever Sonali comes around, he walks away of her.”


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