Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli tags Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s behaviour as ‘frizzled’, says “She knows how to offend me”

In an Extra Masala video Nikki Tamboli is seen having a conversation with Abhinav Shukla complaining about Devoleena’s behaviour towards her. She says “Devoleena has fizzled out and just finds way to drag me in fights. She has watched the season and knows which things would offend me! “

Abhinav agrees with this, while Nikki continues, “Rakhi mai tumhare liye bahar aai, tum andar kyu gai un logo ke pass?” Abhinav replies, “Dekh inka group baan chuka hai, agle teen hafte yeh bully karenge, hasenge, tane marenge.”

Nikki says, “Let’s see what happens in eviction. I said sorry for the wrong word I uttered to her, but still she spoke bad words for me and no one from the house stopped her, when she frizzels out she speak anything. Next time when we fight just notice her language she speak weird and adds any topic in the fight.”

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