Bigg Boss 14: Producer Sandip Sikcand REVEALS Eijaz Khan’s issue with touch; Have a look

In Friday’s episode, Eijaz left the show because of his work commitments. Eijaz was the first contestant to enter the house his sudden exit has left his fans disappointed.

During and immunity task, Eijaz had revealed one shocking dark-secret about his childhood. Now his friend producer Sandip Sikcand has opened up about his problem with touch.

In an interview with Times Of India, Sandip said, “When I meet Eijaz, we always hug each other. The problem is that he has to be comfortable around people and only then does he initiate the hug or touch. We would just shake hands when we met.
I remember one incident when he was at my house and my mother came to welcome him with a hug, but he very politely explained to her that he wasn’t comfortable with it. But now that he knows her well, he hugs her when they meet.”

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