Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant imagines herself cooking omelette on Abhinav Shukla’s abs; Tags him as the ‘Real Mard’

In an Extra Masala snippet, Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant are seen talking about Abhinav. Arshi asks Rakhi on what she feels about Abhinav, to which Rakhi replies that she often imagines herself with Abhinav that she is touching her abs and cooking omelette on his stomach which makes Arshi laugh!

Arshi later advices Rakhi not to play a love angle and focus on the game as she mentions, “Yaha pe sab game khel rahe hai.” Rakhi then asks her if she is playing her game too, on which Arshi replies, “Yes of-course, itna bada show hai mein game hi khel rahi hu.”

Rakhi says that she is having fun and later confesses that she likes Abhinav but the thing that touched her heart is that he always stands by his wife and that makes him ‘Real Mard’. She further adds, “Mujhe pata hai kaha pe seema rekha khichni hai.”