Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat’s friend Sudhir Sangwan talks about her feelings for Aly Goni, says, “It’s limited till the game”

Last week Sonali Phogat was trending all over for her several controversial acts in the house. She was seen picking up fights with the housemates for no reason. However her confession for having feelings for Aly Goni made it to the headlines. 

Now talking on the same, Sonali’s friend Sudhir Sangwan, in an interview with Times of India stated, “Sonali’s feelings for Aly are not true and is limited till the game, she had ran the show last week.”

He also adds, “She was instigated to use the ‘cuss’ word, Aly and Arshi were the one to provoke her and later justified her. Atleast Rahul had some decency.”


However Sangwan states “Rahul is a puppet of Aly, and Arshi can do anything for the show,she starts all the fight’s inside the house”.

” Arshi was the one to start the love angle between Sonali and Aly” He added.




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