Bigg Boss 14: ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’- Salman Khan to fire the contestants over not taking the Captaincy Tasks seriously

Weekend is almost here and viewers are waiting for the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, where this time Salman Khan will be seen, yet again, schooling the housmates over not taking the captaincy tasks seriously!
The host will be seeing firing contestants for missing on the opportunity to gain immunity and also making fun of the chances given to them over the same.

Earlier this week, Bigg Boss had given the housemates, opportunities to win over two different captaincy tasks. However, they didn’t take it seriously and went on breaking the rules of the task, which resulted into both the tasks getting ‘Raadh’. In tonight’s episode Bigg Boss will be seen bashing contestants for such behaviour and will also punish them with not giving any immunity tasks henceforth.

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