Bigg Boss 14: ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’- Salman Khan to take a class of Rakhi Sawant over VULGAR comments describing her body-parts

In the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes, Salman Khan is often seen schooling the housmates over the entire week’s drama. Past few weekend episodes, the host has been praising the controversial queen Rakhi Sawant, for giving in entertaining content to the show. However, this time Salman will be seen bashing Rakhi over her cheap comments!

Earlier this week, Aly Goni had complained to housemates that Rakhi is often passing vulgar and double-meaning comments openly on National television. Aly said he felt a little uncomfortable when in the garden area Rakhi talked about her body-parts, cheaply addressing them as, “Mere 2 bangle aur 2 bagh hai!” He was also seen telling the housmates that he will complain over the same to Salman when he comes for the weekend episode. Now, looking into the mater, the Dabangg Khan has slammed Rakhi for making people around her uncomfortable with such tactics.

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