‘Bionic’ Official Trailer released; Watch now

Here’s everything you need to know about “Bionic”.


The action-sci-fi movie Bionic from Brazil takes us to a dystopian future where sports have undergone significant changes due to technology advancements. The film showcases an intense and emotional struggle between Gabi and Maria, two sisters whose rivalry reaches new heights thanks to the discovery of robotic prosthesis. Gabz, Bruno Gagliasso, and Jéssica Córes give powerful performances.


Gabi and Maria, two gifted sisters, are the best in the long jump in a future when robotic prosthetics have made sports an extravagant display of technology. But their friendly rivalry turns into a violent battle that jeopardises not just their love but also their safety. The sisters’ coach Heitor and their close friend Gustavo become embroiled in this intense battle that calls into question the ethics of sports, humanity in the face of technology, and the essence of competition itself. Fans of science fiction, action films, and sports dramas will like Bionic. The movie is notable for its original take on sports science fiction, a little-studied subgenre that explores the ethical boundaries of technology use in athletics and its effects on human potential.

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Release Date

Bionic will release on Netflix from May 29, 2024.

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