‘Birthmark’: Plot, Makers, Cast, Trailer and Release date

Here’s everything you need to know about “Birthmark”.


Shabeer Kallarakka and Mirnaa Menon play Daniel and Jennifer in the narrative. They are expecting their first kid when they arrive at a remote village centre dedicated to natural childbirth. But nothing that appears serene and lovely is actually what it seems. There is perpetually more to learn.
Every day that goes by, Jenny feels as though something is off. There’s something off about Danny and the village, in her opinion. She says, “I don’t feel right about this place; I feel that something is going wrong,” in the teaser. When Daniel begins acting suspiciously, she becomes concerned for her pregnant child.

The teaser also highlights Daniel’s declining mental state and the village’s isolation and cult-like customs, which heightens the tension in the movie.

Know the Maker and Cast

Birthmark is a thriller mixed with mystery. Under Sapiens Entertainment, Vikram Shreedharan and Sriram Sivaraman are the producers. Shabeer Kallarakkal, Mirnaa Menon, Porkodi Senthil, Indirajith, Deepthie Orientelu, and PR Varalakshmi are among the film’s cast members. Udhay Thangavel and Iniyavan Pandiyan handled the film’s cinematography.

Checkout the Trailer

Release Date

Birthmark will release on March 29, 2024 on Aha streaming platform.

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