‘Bitsz’: Crypto exchange platform launched in India

The city witnessed the gala launch of the most promising Made in India Crypto exchange, BITSZ, on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Popular Actress Niddhi Agerwal, joined Team BITSZ for the grand launch, along with other notable personalities from the city.

Sharing his delight at the launch of this new crypto exchange platform, Mr. Naveen Kumar, Founder, BITSZ, said, “Crypto currencies are growing, and we are positive it will lead the market. There is a lack of awareness of digital currency, and this issue can get solved with the support of this platform. Extensive efforts have been made to launch a platform that provides insurance for all accounts. BITSZ is the only platform in the market that ensures every user wallet is secure, compared to other platforms in the market. The platform does not have bugs, and supports Anti-Money Laundering.”

Interacting with the audience Naveen said, “It is really exciting to see so many youngsters and crypto enthusiasts showing so much interest in BITSZ.”

Sharing his experience and the motivation behind building BITSZ, Naveen highlighted the need for disruption and the unrelenting efforts of his team to do something that was never done before.

BITSZ has partnered with the leader in digital asset management, Fireblocks, and it will provide insurance to users on all types of wallets. Along with this, BITSZ will become the fastest exchange allowing 30 million transactions on the platform.

“Currently, our platform has a trading volume of 1 million+, it has 5+ exchanges listed, and 2,000+ retail investors,” added Mr. Naveen, as he encouraged and invited all newbie traders and those who had lost money in previous exchange hacks, to take one more chance in crypto with BITSZ and partner in the crypto future ahead.

Due to its unique concept of exchange and high anticipation of trading, BITSZ has been attracting a lot of buzz from other crypto players since the day of its registration. BITSZ has also constantly been the center of attraction for crypto investors because of the unique features that the entire crypto industry will witness for the first time. BITSZ introduces a platform that provides the fastest transactions, insurance on wallet, extremely easy UI, 24*7 multi-lingual live chat, customer support, and AI suggestions.

Addressing the audience at the launch, Niddhi Agerwal said, “As a business student myself, I completely understand the benefits of investing in crypto currencies. BITSZ, as a platform, stands out for users due to the concept of providing 100% insurance. I learnt today that despite being independent, 33% of women always involve a man in their family to make decisions in investments. I would like to encourage both men and women to come forward and invest in crypto currencies. It is a safe and great investment to make. I am excited to be part of the launch of this unique platform.” Congratulating Team BITSZ, Niddhi wished them all success ahead.

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