Blade MCU: Release date, star cast, storyline and important update

Wesley Snipes dressed as Eric Brooks, aka Blade, before gods and titans started falling from the sky. The David S. Goyer-written film has remained a favourite among Marvel fans because it introduced a darker era of superhero movies. Marvel Studios is getting ready to reinvent the character for the MCU with a new cast and director, much to the delight of fans. Here is everything you need to know about the MCU Blade movie, without further ado.

Blade MCU: What about the plot

Although the premise of the relaunch is currently unknown, Ali’s Blade will return in some capacity. Ali appeared as Blade in the Eternals end credits as a voice cameo, conversing with Kit Harrington’s upcoming Black Knight. A Geek Vibe Nation source claims that the movie will cover an 80-year period beginning in 1900 and concluding in 1980. Marvel and the team behind the project have not yet confirmed this timeline.

We anticipate seeing well-known figures like Blade’s dependable companion Abraham Whistler or his first mentor Jamal Afari. It will be interesting to see who Blade will square up against since Anthony Starr, who starred in The Boys, is said to be playing Dracula. We’re not sure if Kevin Feige and his team will want to exhibit familiar turf on the big screen because the villain already appeared in Wesley Snipes’ trilogy. For all of the most recent information on the impending Blade MCU movie, be sure to check back here.

Blade MCU: What about the cast?

Blade’s MCU adaptation was unveiled at SDCC 2019. Aaron Pierre, Delroy Lindo, and Mahershala Ali are all currently part of the cast. Ali will assume the role of Blade and play a new iteration of the famous daywalker.

Blade MCU: When will it release?

On September 6, 2024, Blade will be made available as a part of the MCU Phase Six. The director Bassam Tariq’s resignation has temporarily placed the production on hold even though it was originally scheduled to be out a year sooner.

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