Bollywood PR guru suggests that an influencer sell her video topic rights for a feature film

The world of social media is abundant in content ranging from funny to informative and falling in a variety of genres in between. Many content creators have unlocked significant success with unique ideas that strike a chord and instantly become popular. Numerous have sold their ideas as feature films, landed paid advertisements, or roles as actors/comedians. However, a lot of brilliant content lies there unnoticed or without ample credit and attention. All it takes for the right content to reach the right place is the right recognition and sufficient guidance.

Recently, Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar offered an invaluable suggestion to one of the influencers. The content creator who goes by the handle @ankkitachamoli on Instagram received brilliant advice from Dale, who is a veteran in the PR space and has been instrumental in the success stories of several big Bollywood names.

Replying to the post, Dale wrote: “Ankkita, a feature film can be made on the topic of this video. Sell the subject to some film writer. I’d seen this 2020 film called Slaxx where a possessed pair of jeans begins to kill the staff of a trendy clothing store. Yes, you read that right — a ‘possessed’ pair of jeans.”

The video that received attention depicted the funny side of insurance marketing. A relentless marketing professional can be seen insisting a random person in a parking lot to buy a policy from their company. The person’s pleas to leave him alone fall on deaf ears and the marketer even offers contract killer services during the association if the insured person feels that their investment isn’t reaping returns. The last straw is when the marketer says not buying the policy would lead to remorse post-death and goes on to say that she is struggling with the same as she didn’t buy the policy when alive.

Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar

Whether the video is a funny take on modern-day marketing or a prank is an interpretation that varies from person to person. However, it seems to be exceptional news for Ankkita to have received recognition from one of the best PRs in Bollywood who thinks the subject of the video is apt to be made into a feature film. Note that he also drew a similarity between the concept of the film and the 2020 film Slaxx which features a ‘possessed pair of jeans’, killing the staff of a trendy clothing store that pretends to be all ethical and using best practices however is a shady sweatshop in the background.

If Dale has seen the potential in the video to make it big as a feature film, it sure can work wonders if pitched to the right people. After all, Dale is known to have converted sand to gold and recognised diamonds from mines. He is popular as the most trusted celebrity PR in Bollywood.

The film can expose marketing malpractices and aggressive tactics that are rampant across industries but are ethically questionable. Only time will tell if the young influencer will grab the baton and try selling the idea and if we will get to see a convincing piece.

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