‘Breaking Bad’ fame Mike Batayeh died at the age of 52

American actor Mike Batayeh took his last breathe at the age of 52 aftwr suffering from a cardiac arrest.

As per aceshowbiz.com, Mike best known for potraying laundromat manager Dennis Markowski on “Breaking Bad” has passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest. The actor’s family announced the actor’s death on June 11. in his sleep of a heart attack while he was at his home in Michigan.

The actor’s family stated, “He will be greatly missed by those who loved him and his great ability to bring laughter and joy to so many.” Mike had did many television series such as ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, ‘Battle Creek’, ‘CSI: Miami’, ‘Jessie’, ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. Apart from this, he also did voiceover work in ‘X-Men’.

Mike’s sister informed to TMZ about death, “was very sudden, as he didn’t have a history of heart issues”.

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